Dark Wings, Dark Words

Adventure 01

Enter Barovia

Our Adventurers found themselves sitting around a low burning fire, part way through their trip from one city to the next. During Tracer’s watch, she dozed off, and when she awoke, she found herself and the party in unfamiliar territory. Where the night before our Adventurers found themselves surrounded by tall grass and sparse trees, they now were surrounded by think evergreen trees and a thick mist floated around them.

They quickly found their way to a road and began to follow it. Eventually the party came across a huge gate, situated in a wall, with two headless stone guardians standing watch. Wrev and Edric approach the wall, getting close enough to cast Mage Hand, with the intention of opening the gate. When they cast their respective spells, they find their illusory hand to be rotting and decrepit. Initially taken aback, they quickly realize the hands mean no harm, and they behave like normal.


After their initial spook, Wrev and Edric are able to push the gate open without resistance. The party decided to enter though the gate and continue down the road. Night falls quickly, and the darkness is overwhelming. Tracer light’s a hooded lantern, and as a precaution, the Adventurers wrap a rope around their wastes, connecting themselves together.

As they walk down the road, they’re ambushed by a pack of howling wolves. Standing higher than the average wolf, the beasts are mensing. Tracer quickly dispatched the wolves, and our Adventures continue, hardly scathed. Eventually the dense trees start to thin out, and the group can make out a dark shape in the distance. As they approach, they come to find that the dark shape is a village.

The village is bleak. The mist hangs thick in the air, and there are no signs of life, apart from a ceaseless wailing coming from within the small town. The cobblestones underfoot are wet and slick, and the sparse homes on the outside of the village look to be rotting and hardly standing. KP calls upon his Lord, Lathander for guidance and senses 2 creatures of evil nature in one of the homes. The party finds the front door to be boarded up, so Wrev and Tracer make their way to the back of the home. There they find a second entrance to the home, also sealed by boards. Tracer heads back to the front of the home.

Almost simultaneously, Wrev and KP break into their respective doors. KP looks upon a dilapidated wooden home, dark and dusty. The furniture in the room is broken and scattered, and it appears as if no one has been here in quite some time. Across the room, KP sees a door leading further into the home. Wrev kicks in the back door to the home and enters a kitchen. The room is dark, and Wrev doesn’t immediately notice the threat in the far corner of the room. KP walks across the front room and opens to door, only to see Wrev as he steps forward into the home.

As Wrev takes his first few steps, two body shaped masses of rotting flesh fall in Wrev’s direction. One looses it’s balance and falls straight to the ground, while the other finds itself hanging from Wrev, entangling itself with him. The party takes quick action to dispatch the creatures. Tracer lets a flurry of arrows fly from her crossbow’s, while Edric casts spells to burn the flesh from the zombies bones. Wrev smashes the creature on him with his hammer, and finishes it off by smashing the things head with Tracer’s hooded lantern.

Having defeated their foes, the party takes stock of the home they find themselves in. The front room holds nothing of note, but in a cupboard in the kitchen, Wrev finds an old wooden mug with the words “Blood of the Vine” etched on the side. He recognizes this as a commemorative cup from the opening of a tavern or bar. KP realizes that the home must have been uninhabited for a minimum of 50 years for it to be in the state that is is. The wood is swollen and rotting, and the house looks like it may come down with a strong wind.

Having finished in the home, the party steps back out into the street, again being assailed by a women’s wailing coming from the interior of the village.


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